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Just Knights Response Team

What can you do if you experience acts of bias or hate?

Report the incident to the Just Knight Response Team (JKRT). This team was created to help individuals who have been impacted by hate or bias-related incidents. Please take the time to complete this form to the best of your ability. The team makes a strong attempt to follow up on all reports within 48 hours.

This website has a variety of links and resources available for your use. Whatever your reasons are for visiting this site, we hope that you leave with the sense that the University of Central Florida is committed to creating an open and welcoming environment for all people, all races and cultures.

Who Are You?
Victim Contact Information

Contact Information
None of these fields are required.

Incident Information

Specific Location Details
This field should include specific information about the location(s) of the incident, like the name of the building, common space, type of virtual space, and so on.

Incident Details
This field should answer the following questions: who, what, when, where, how, and why? To your knowledge, was the incident reported to the UCF Police Department or any other UCF entity? If yes, please explain. Is there any indication of the involvement of a "hate group" in this incident? Who/what was the target of the incident?

Reporter Information

Contact Information
None of these fields are required. Fill these out only if you would like to be contacted in a follow-up.

Outcome Information

Desired Outcome
Please provide a recommendation on an appropriate campus response.